Portable Solar Generator happen to be on many people wish list. Not only are you able to bring it with you wherever you go in order to have power, but it also can be used as a backup means of electricity for your home.

This really is perfect for those of you who’ve power outages frequently or if rolling blackouts are common where you may reside at. Standard generators need fossil fuels to run, but portable solar generators don’t.

The only bad thing about portable solar generators is that they tend to be pricey should you not look around first. The great thing is that if you look around, you’ll be able to locate the generators being sold at affordable costs. Once you start shopping around online, it is possible to compare prices and find the best one for you, but part of that’s understanding where to look in the first place.Image result for portable solar generator

There’s a big variety of portable solar generators out there, that aren’t only for people who own houses, but for military personnel too. Companies offer generators that can be carried around, to allow them to be used in almost any position. Additionally, they construct and change any generator you need, so that it meets your precise demands. Whether you happen to be using it in your home or someplace away from it, you’ll still get what you need.

One particular style of portable solar generators is called mobile solar power generators. These portable solar generators can be taken with you everywhere you go and are made specifically to charge any and all handheld apparatus.

The design of the mobile generator makes it easy when you might be out hunting or camping and need a quick charge. The best thing about these solar generators is that they will have a battery that stores energy when it isn’t being used, so even when the sun goes down, you can nevertheless have electricity whenever you desire or desire it.

You should consider every factor into consideration when selecting to buy a portable solar generator. Including cost, convenience, and size. Despite the fact that cost shouldn’t function as largest factor, you still ought to set a budget that’s in your range, so that you’ll be able to still manage whichever generator you select to buy.

The largest factor should be what you happen to be going to use the generator for in the first place. That will establish the size you’ll want. Attempt to decide the one that will meet your needs and you should have no problem.

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Electromagnetic PulseIn 1859, a solar flare caused a coronal mass ejection that headed straight to the earth. This rash is known as Carrington Event.
The sun often ejects the coronal mass that falls mostly on it. On some occasions this coronal mass escape its gravitational field and it is projected into the space.

Since the space is not occupied (that’s why it’s called space, after all!) These particles continue on their way without disturbing any thing else.

But sometimes our poor little planet is on the way to this mass.
In principle our atmosphere and our magnetosphere protects us from deadly solar radiation. In practice it happens that the amount of particles is so high that it manages to distort the Earth’s magnetic field and pass much of charged particles. For this reason it is so important to have a good amount of EMP protection for your electronics.


Then we will see the northern lights where they should not be seen; communications will be disturbed by waves or, as in 1859, the consequences could be even greater.

The storm (actually the second solar storm of Carrington event) was so powerful that the sky was illuminated as to be able to easily read the newspaper on the street at night.

But what concerns us is the impact on our technological tools. It’s well known that  in 1859 electricity use was just at its beginning. There was nevertheless a telegraph network in some Western countries.

There, the consequences were very noticeable: interrupted communications, power outages, electrocuted operators and telegraph stations destroyed by fires caused by high voltages traveling in the ground.

But that was before…
Nowadays devices using electricity are found everywhere in our environment. They are essential to the smooth running of our society and are essential to the economy.

The occurrence of an EMP  would cause many damages to our day to day life and we shall find ourselves not far from the stone age: no more domestic electricity,  used vehicles,  communication,  access to the bank information. Presumably all the computer equipment would fall in the trash and when we know that technology is every where.

A major EMP event on a continent, such as the American continent, would be truly catastrophic: 90% of the population would die within a few months and it would take 10 years or more  to rebuild all the computer network that is at the same level as what it was before the event.

In this context it’s better to know how to be prepared for such a catastrophe

Note that the normal batteries are not affected by the EMP, as long as they are not connected to a system (not in circuit).

The Faraday cage

faraday cage

This is the only parade and has the advantage of being accessible by almost everyone. Better than that: almost all households own one and it is extremely easy to manufacture.

The Faraday cage isolates who is located inside to the outer electromagnetic currents. And it is VERY effective.



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